Gae's first photo, from hotel

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jensen & Turley

We had a very busy and fruitful week. Elder Marlin K. Jensen and Brother Robert E. Turley, Jr., the Church Historian and Assistant Historian, respectively, are on a history tour within the Pacific Area. The tour will culminate when Elder Jensen rededicates a uniquely historic chapel in Tubuai, an island in French Polynesia, which has been remodeled. If you like history, you’ll like this story. The really short version is that Addison Pratt and others went there in 1844 as the first missionaries to Polynesia.

Elder Jensen and Brother Turley spoke at devotional at our office building on Wednesday. Gae and I enjoyed each of their thoughts.

Elder Jensen and Brother Turley spoke at several firesides in Auckland and Hamilton during the week. We were not able to go to one of the firesides, but we worked with our good director of public affairs in Hamilton and he was able to get two Members of Parliament to attend the fireside there and to meet with the visitors and at least two of the Seventy from New Zealand. The visit went well, of course, and working with these opinion leaders is a very important part of what the Church’s Public Affairs is tasked with.
Clockwise from front right:  Roberts, Wilsons (w/Levi), Streiffs, Pearces, and Nances.

One of the perks of our calling is that we are working with several of the Seventy on a regular basis. These are all very bright, kind, and caring men. On Saturday night we went to a social for the New Zealand National Public Affairs Council at the home of Michael A. Roberts of the Seventy, who is their advisor. He and his wife are very down-to-earth people and we had a great time eating a grand BBQ dinner and playing some fun and competitive games. I’m afraid our team came in second and tied for first (out of two, so I guess we tied for second as well. Their home could easily have been built in Utah, and the setting made us a little homesick.